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  Connect Point to Point.com
  Your number one stop for pricing on:
  - Point to Point T1 Line Connections
     (e.g. Data T1 Private Line, Data T3 Private Line, Data OC3 Private Line)
  - Virtual Private Networking
  - MPLS and Multi Site VPN
  - Point to Point Ethernet Private Line (EPL)
  - Frame Relay
  Point to Point T1 line and data T1 Shoppers welcome! Our expert telecom consultants will provide you with vital   and important advice when choosing a data T1, Point to Point T1 Line or Point to Point T3 Line.
  We offer free Data T1, Point to Point T1 line quotes and free data Point to Point T3 quotes .We have from up to 30   Data point to point T1 line service providers allowing you to choose the best Data T1 pricing suited to YOUR NEEDS!
  Simply fill out a free Data T1 price quote through us and you will be eligible to receive SPECIAL   BANDWIDTH DISCOUNTS on all Point to Point T1 Line, Private Line T3, Private Line OC3,   Ethernet Private Line (EPL), VPN, MPLS Multi Site circuits and more!
  Robust Dedicated Private Line options to keep you CONNECTED and RUNNING SMOOTHLY:
  - - SONET, Ethernet Private Line (EPL)      - Point to Point T1 Line circuits
  - Metro Area Fiber and Frame Relay         - Point to Point T1 line, T3 OC-n service
       Frame Relay, Frame Relay Services:
      Frame Relay is a packet-switching protocol used on wide area networks. It transmits variable-
      length packets at up to 1.544 Mbps. It is a variant of X.25 but dispenses with some of X.25's error       detection for the sake of speed. Frame Relay service has both speed and reliability, offering              tremendous value through its burstable configuration.

      Bursting a data t1 line means that your connection can utilize up to twice the normal bandwidth of the circuit
      within the confines of the overall connection. This ensures that your users will be able to tap the        maximum potential of the circuit.

  T1 Point to Point Tunneling Protocol, Point to Point T1 Line Connection,
  Point to Point Data T1 Access:
      Point to point access such as is used with a Point to Point T1 is the fastest, most effective         connectivity money can buy.
      Connections such as a T1 Point to Point Line give your company a direct         connection using a data T1 service. You will be directly plugged into a high speed backbone so you will have the         fastest connectivity and uptime money can buy. You can also combine voice and Data T1,         allowing you to have Internet access with a low cost phone service.
      Point to point protocol is a requirement for virtual private networks to allow nodes of a local       area network connect through the Internet (point to point connection).
       Types of Point to Point Solutions:
      Point to Point T1 Line Circuits - A T1 circuit is composed of 24 discrete channels, each with 64
      Kbps of throughput, creating a total bandwidth capacity of 1.536 Mbps. T1 is the choice
      of most businesses, as it provides a reliable Internet access solution. Depending on the
      usage, a T-1 will typically handle up to 50-70 users.
      Fractional Point to PointT1 Circuits - Many businesses fall between the needs of a DSL
      (Frame Relay) circuit and a full Data T1 circuit. Therefore, Fractional T1 circuit exists with a
      pre-determined amount of bandwidth. This solution is more less expensive than the full
      T1 circuit.

      T3 Circuits - A T3 circuit is composed of 24 discrete channels, each with 1.536
      Mbps of throughput, creating a total bandwidth capacity of 44.539 Mbps. T3 is the choice
      of many telecommunication providers and corporations. Why? T3 provides a reliable
      Internet access solution, and easily provides the capacity for a corporate web and mail       server. Depending on the usage, a T3 will typically handle well over 1,000 users without       causing any major problems.

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